Yeast Infection In Men

A friend of the cake has now become an enemy of a man. Yes you read it right! We are talking about yeast. This good old friend of cakes and bakers is now causing trouble to erstwhile men. Although, yeast infection is very common in women, nowadays even men have become its victims.

A major symptom of this infection is unusual irritation in the genital area. Yeast being a fungus thrives on moisture laden warm areas, thus in majority cases yeast infections have been found to occur in or near the genital areas.

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Other symptoms of the infection include

Redness in the infected area

Itching of the groin

Unpleasant odor in the groin area due to yeast’s action on sugar

Burning sensation while micturition i.e. while passing urine

Soreness in the infected area


The primary reason why men contract      yeast infection is a weak immune system. Now as we all know that our body’s condition is governed by the strength of our immune system, a slight weakness in it can wreak havoc. ‘Candida yeast’ is present in every human body. However, when a weak immune system fails to control its over growth, it results into yeast infection. When the body is unable to conquer unwanted microorganisms, it is referred to as immunity failure thus leading to an infection. Immunity in simple terms is the ability of the body to fight unwanted microorganisms.

And before you begin to wonder what leads to a weak the immune system, let us throw some light on some major factors that contribute to a weak immune system.


Deficiency of vital nutrients in our body

Excessive stress in life

Hormonal imbalance in the body

Diabetes condition

Generous intake of antibiotics

Prolonged illness

Thus to sum up, the two main reasons of yeast infection are:

Weak immune system

Yeast infection as an STD due to untreated infection in the partner


Home remedies

Garlic: An essential item in the kitchen, the good old garlic hates fungus. Therefore, garlic can help in curing yeast infection effectively. Garlic has many other benefits as well like lowering the bad cholesterol. So get hold of the garlic and there you go !

Controlling sugar intake: Yeast being a member of the Fungi family thrives on sugar. It is very important to curtail sugar consumption so as to avoid giving yeast a favorable environment to multiply further.

Sugar free yogurt: Yogurt is helpful in digestion as it a powerhouse of good bacteria.

Vinegar: It has been proved to prevent growth of yeast.

Other remedies:

OTC medicines: There are specific medicines available for treatment of yeast infection on prescription. These are easily available over the counter at pharmacy stores.

Anti fungal creams/ointments: These provide immediate relief to the infected area and help feel better soon.


Make sure that you sleep for at least 8 hours. Adequate amount of sleep is extremely important for proper functioning of the human body. While the body is in sleep mode, the vital organs get time to align the functions well and assess the body.

Do not ignore your body signals at any cost. Our body has an amazing tendency of showing signs of worry. However, due to a stressful lifestyle and lack of time for our own self, we tend to ignore and this leads to the problem becoming magnanimous.

Always keep in mind your family/ancestral history. There are several factors in our body and health that are governed by genes. Hence it makes sense if you take precautionary measures before hand so that you don’t have to suffer just like your family members did. Remember the pain inflicted in your body has to be borne by you only so please take care well in advance.

Become Sherlock Holmes of fats! Recognize which fats are good and which are bad. This exercise will help you bring significant changes in your dietary routine.

Have a plate full of color. Antioxidants in colorful food items such as berries and other fruits help ward off infections. Other sources of color signifying antioxidant rich foods are bell peppers, lemons, mangoes etc.

If you feel your diet is insufficient in compensating a regular requirement of essential nutrients, look out for multivitamins in order to replenish the levels of Vitamin E, A, C and D in your body.

Include everyday exercise regime in your life from this very moment. Get up and go for a green walk. Forty five minutes of daily exercise is as important as breathing is to your body. Walk, brisk walk, jogging, dancing, aerobics, cycling, football, tennis, soccer, yoga, swimming, and fusion classes are all examples of a good work out.

Have a positive outlook towards life. A happy mind is the biggest block for diseases. Be thankful for the life you have as many others are far more under privileged.

Get off those chat messengers and personally meet your friends and relatives. Share your thoughts and worries. This will help reducing stress thereby relieving your body of unnecessary tensions.

Plan out for weekend getaways. Cook on your own wherever you go. This will keep health at peak and interest too! Stay away from addictive food items or beverages.

A happy and a healthy lifestyle will definitely help you to build a stronger immune system. Not only will it protect you from yeast infection but also from several other ailments. A stronger man on the inside surely reflects on the outside. After all, as the adage goes: “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. Here is our team wishing you an infection free healthy life. Keep smiling

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