Michael Brown was a young man

Michael Brown was a young man who deserved the chance to live his life right or wrong, learn from his mistakes and take responsibility for them. Police are not judge and jury. The police over did it and then took measures to cover it up. It is not right. It is obvious the injury was done in the take down. Crushing his neck and severing his spine. Then stopping a block away to put leg irons on him while he was unconscious was just a cover up. The police in this area have a reputation for brutality. This city has paid out a lot of money for wrongful behavior by them in the past. On one hand, crime has gone down considerably, but on the other hand, it is out of fear. That could be why he ran. This is just an opinion. I do not know the guy, but have a son the same age in college that has grown up white and privileged. Until you walk in another persons shoes, you can only speculate. But to look down upon someone and think he deserved this at his age for petty crimes is shameful. For the police to lie, and cover for each other is a real problem in our country. Even when another officer reports bad behavior of another, they are bullied and shamed until they transfer or quit. We need the good ones. We need the ones that take the time out to get to know young offenders and reach out to help them. Not scare them with brutality. They are here to protect and serve, not instill fear.


Pelley need to show in 60 minutes the moment Margaret Brennan asked John Kerry the ONE important question that turned the tide.

I quote below the article about that moment and Margaret Brennan.

” It was one of those moments for which every journalist strives. A simple question posed to a public figure led to a major shift in policy.

When CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan asked Secretary of State John Kerry if there is anything Bashar al-Assad憇 Syrian regime could do or offer that would stop a U.S. military strike, she likely did not expect for Kerry to respond with the 揾ypothetical?heard 抮ound the world.

揌e could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week,?Kerry responded, seemingly in jest. 揟urn it over, all of it, without delay, and allow a full and total accounting for that. But he isn抰 about to do it, and it can抰 be done, obviously.?

Obviously it can抰 be done and is not worth considering, right? After all, the State Department clarified that his statement was a 揾ypothetical.?Except, later that day, Kerry抯 off-the-cuff remark became the foundation for a major Russian proposal: Assad hands over his chemical weapons stockpile to the international community and the U.S. military strikes.

Hours later, President Obama conceded to NBC News that this new Russian proposal-via-offhand-Kerry-remark could represent 揳 significant breakthrough,?signaling a shift in U.S. policy from trying to obtain congressional approval for military strikes to a U.N. Security Council resolution involving the overturning of chemical weapons.

While major questions remain as to whether Syria could realistically hand over chemical weapons stockpiles while in the midst of a bloody civil war; or whether this proposal represents a stalling by all sides until the next Assad 搑ed line?crossing; this much is clear: A single question from a tough-minded journalist provoked a bumbling remark from a major policy official ?a remark that has, for the time being, significantly altered the course of this ongoing tension and effectively delayed the use of American military assets against the Syrian regime.

People still think muslims

People still think muslims are here to “enjoy” our country with us… Nothing could be further from the truth! Their intent is to out breed us (on average of 8muzlum to 2 American children per couple) Then out vote us and vote in their own laws! There are already cities within the US that are quietly practicing sharia law! one (surprisingly) just made the news for it. Amazing how little you hear of the separation and intentional isolation (by muzlums) of muzlum areas. Why don’t you EVER hear of muzlums having issues coming here but Mexicans find it near impossible!? Because our government has “greased the wheels” for muzlums to come here! (insert pic of obama bowing to muzlum “prince”) Country and suburban liberals have yet to experience muzlum america and don’t have a clue what’s really going on… so sad… our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be either living in muzlum america or there will be a new civil war

Michael Brown’s parents

Michael Brown’s parents: …if you’ll notice, Sharpton and the rest of his winged-monkey troupe have all flown away. They’re no longer around, and have left you all alone. Why? Its because they don’t smell a payday there. They don’t care about you or your baby silverback. They don’t really care about civil rights or anything else so noble, as they’d have you believe. No, they know good and damm well that your pea-brained gorilla child deserved to be shot, and that no crime was committed. They have already slipped they black a$$e$ on up outta there to distance themselves form you and baby Huey. And yet, here you still are, constantly posing for the interviews, sitting like a couple hound dogs looking up at the dinner table wondering “…when’s a nigga gone get paid?”

Sadly for you, you just don’t see it. Justice WAS done, and, in the aftermath, you and the Sharpton gang are directly responsible for the devastation to Ferguson. There’s no payday for you…no rap song happy ending where you stick it to ‘the man’ and live the life of the rich and shameless on whitey’s tax dollars…which, of course, you’ve doing all along, only on a smaller scale.

Just quiet down down, and fade back into your happy little public-assistance lives in Coontown. We’re all out of sympathy and understanding, and would like for you, and your Salt-N-Peppa haircut, to just go away. Take care

Through studies

Through studies of tree rings, sediment and other natural evidence, researchers have documented multiple droughts in California that lasted 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years — compared to the relatively short duration of the current dry spell. The two most severe megadroughts make the Dust Bowl of the 1930s look tame: a 240-year-long drought that started in 850 and, 50 years after the conclusion of that one, another that stretched at least 180 years.
Desalinate! That is, unless California runs out of money by giving all their tax revenues to welfare recipients, illegals, schools that don’t work, and other Lunatic Liberal causes.

iphone Sales

People want to brag about iPhone Sales but seems like too much speculation and not enough evidence. Sure there were a lot of iPhone Sales last quarter, but not all were iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But we all know the first 10M was sold on the launch weekend, then it took about 3 weeks to reach 20M. I happen to be a former production control analyst, so if I would estimate iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales as of today, they would be within the ball park figure of 60 Million. However, Apple is forecasting less iPhone Sales in Q2. Now, looking at the history of the Galaxy S4 which sold nearly 60M, The S5 only about 35M. A lot of these previous users will want to upgrade. This Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge release does have strong potential on exceeding iPhone 6/6Plus sales in the long run. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S4 out sold the iPhone 5S.

How you own me

How you own me when I’ve come back and beaten you at everything you had to say, informed you of how many different ways android is ahead of apple, educated you on many things android, proved to you that I can still get apple apps, and went into great lengths to show you how ridiculous you are about “winning”. Did your parents teach you that a loser is still a winner so you can’t tell the difference when someone has so many rebuttals that your only come back to anything I say is, “I own you”. But it’s cool. You need this, I understand. This will make you feel better as you patiently wait for your phone to catch up to most currently on the market. 25 dollar phones have basic features not yet found on the new iPhone like a larger screen, expandable memory, and removable batter, which you people desperately need. So your phone is inferior to a prepaid, cheap phone and you own me with my Galaxy S5? Yeah, you won.

Used apple laptops

This is my very first Mac computer system. My very first 4 computers went Win 3.1, Windows 95, XP, and Vista (from about 1995-present). I’ve rather a great deal of time invested in each of them. Changing from Windows to Mac is easy, however it can be a bit aggravating for a week approximately. There are Windows features you will certainly miss out on, however overall advantages in my opinion mostly overcome them.

I’ve invested 2 weeks with this machine now. I would have most likely specified that I was sorry for the switch to Mac, if I had actually composed this review after one day. After realizing how well it works and getting more proficient with the machine, I would certainly suggest it to your friend.

This review will become a mix of the Mac os from a new Mac user perspective and my impressions of both the hardware.

The only difference in between my machine and the main one with this product page is that I purchased straight from Apple and updated the hard drive to 250GB (in the 160GB base option). I’m utilizing 2gb of memory as well as the lower-end processor.

Our Macos thoughts:.

The largest thing I missed out on from Windows initially was the task bar. Mac utilizes the “dock” to change the task bar. The dock is type of such as the quick launch toolbar in Windows expanded with large icons, across the entire bar. Having actually utilized windows using a task bar for the previous 13 years, I missed out on the capability switch in between them with the task bar and to see all open programs. The dock has a tiny dot listed below the icon on running- programs, however absolutely nothing else and folder icons and other program to separate it. The dock is nearly as useless for multitasking because the task bar.

The conserving grace that saves the Mac from uncomfortable app- while multitasking is called switching expose.

Hp g6 keyboard

amazing value … my a number of keys weren’t working and it was incredibly irritating to copy paste those keys.Got it was easy and it was installed by this item in 2 days by tutorial on you tube. computer system tech asked 100 $ to repair as estimated “I have to change the entire key-pad” did my research on amazon and that I am happy i discovered this item for 12 $ truthfully i might not think the price.
It delivered about 5 days in front of schedule that was extremely unforeseen. It was packaged financially however extremely safely. Set up quickly and works fantastic. My laptop carries out fresh once again. I will use them again if needed and high;y recommend them.
Exactly exactly what I had to change a dead keyboard (dead from exactly what I think was water damage). Gotten the keyboard and jumped it right in.
I had been preparing to purchase a new notebook after my keyboard was harmed on my years of age HP laptop, then I discovered this replacement keyboard. and purchased it believing it deserved a chance attempting to change it. I installed the keyboard perfectly and viewed a YOUTUBE video on ways to set up the keyboard. Extremely pleased with this product!
I like this replacement keyboard! It worked precisely as it should. It was simply the right suitable for my HP Pavilion g 6 string laptop.You could not ever understand it’s not the original keyboard. It took just about 20 minutes to set up. HP really has a video on their website, on ways to set up a keyboard. You cannot beat the price for of the keyboard. This keyboard would have cost practically as much as exactly what the laptop deserves, if I had actually gone through the manufacturer.
Great for the Price and works incredibly. It is fairly simple to do the replacement, if you view some online instructions on ways to change the keyboard. Keep in mind the keyboard has one mess right by smallest card within the back of the computer system. This smallest card is best beside the memory card. Eliminate the keyboard and this screw will come out about the clips holding it on within the top of the keyboard, when you press.

Vintage board games

I concur with the other posts on this item. Here is the 3rd Scotsman unit I Have either bought or set up (for my parents) and definitely like this ice maker. Undoubtedly, anybody spending have reasons this would be their ideal unit or this much on an ice maker much better delight in soft ice. My family formerly had a KitchenAid model which continuously ran and banged (various way ice production is created with these units) and elderly parents bought a Hoshizaki device. The Hosh undercounter had a lot of problems. New drain pump needed, continuous issues with the snow sensor shutoff triggering ice to press open the door to name a few. For 3 yrs, we’ve had our first unit with this Scotsman now and this really is industrial grade without any problems so far. Easy to set up for the DIY’er. Brother and her family likewise has this product.

Prois: fast ice production, peaceful, drain pump appears to operate less than KA model, less water utilized provided auger method of ice production, warning shutoff does great job maintaining container complete whilst not over producing, LED lighting indication for washing every 6 mo (a good idea to safeguard this investment and assistance guarantee unit functions correctly for many years), ice bin appears to keep ice from reduction longer than previous units we have had, lighted LED lighting when opening doorway, and auto shutoff BROUGHT when water isn’t provided.

Cons’s: expense, children hold on door triggering door hinge having to be changed (our fault, however plastic part inside hinge might be heavier duty).

All in all – extremely suggest this well made unit. I would recommend getting the bottle and cleaner accessory for washing the system in 6 mo and going ahead. . It takes about 40 minutes to clean the unit (you need to include 16oz acidic solution to eliminate scale and develop) however is simple to do if you simply follow manual instructions.